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The Month That Was – April ’10

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What mattered on the ‘net in 04/10.gaga

10. April started with Lady Gaga being credited as the first music artist to garner 1 billion video views online. This, of course, is because she wears telephones on her head, has sunglasses made out of lit cigarettes and pals around with Beyonce. If you want to look like you’re keeping up with pop culture on any level you need to watch the ad / music video – Telephone.

9. Erykah Badu showed the world she knew the how to create hype for under $200 when she stripped down for real in public – at Dealy Plaza (site of JFK’s assassination) and pretended to be shot. Irrelevantly, the new album – Return of the Ankh – is in the running for album of the year on my personal list.

8. Father Knows Best – Tiger and Nike sold out Earl Woods with a back-from-the-grave commercial. Discuss amongst yourselves if you haven’t already.

7. Stephen Hawking shockingly announced that if (or when) aliens arrive that they will be out to rape our planet more than we currently are because they will have “used up all the resources from their home planet”. Think Mad Max meets Close Encounters.

6. Apple and Adobe still hate each other. And while the outcome will have a significant effect on my work life, the current debate is about as gripping as HD versus BluRay.

In other Apple news, a lost next-gen iPhone was sold to geek-mag Gizmodo and Apple nerds around the world freaked out over the fact that it was lighter and had a seam.

5. Can this Onion Ring get more fans than Stephen Harper? facebook group designed it’s own shoe and entered it into a NIKE ID contest. Then, it explained to everyone in the group how to make the shoe win the contest which is basically one of the most concise guide to contest hacking / social media networking I’ve seen.

4. David After the Dentist releases never before seen footage!!! And it shows that the parents aren’t horrible people after all! Apparently his dad spoke at SXSW on the subject of viral videos.

3. Constatin Films has started pulling down the consistently funny Hitler ‘Downfall’ parody videos. A giant blow to the YouTube meme community as there was hundreds of Hitler ‘Downfall’ parodies, some pulling in as many as 4 million views (Hitler Gets Banned From X-Box Live). Our kids will have to take our word for it.

2. Facebook declares it’s going to take over your life and the internet by sharing your information with every page you visit. Plus, now you can let the whole world know that you like anything and everything you see -Kyle Wellwood, the colour blue, wet kittens… you get the picture. Still no traction on the dislike button.

1. This month YouTube celebrated it’s fifth birthday. Check out a montage of the first 20 uploaded videos that underlines the fact that five years in internet life is like an eternity.

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