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Best Practices for Performance-Driving Programmatic Display Media

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The IAB’s X-Series: Programmatic conference was held on June 3, 2014 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto to a sold-out crowd. The event hosted speakers from both buy and sell sides of the automated media trading industry, including a “state-of-the-nation” presentation by Randall Rothenberg, CEO of IAB US.

Two of the presentations are particularly relevant to the current and future state of Noise’s programmatic business. This post covers the first: Read More

Extending Google Analytics

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Google Analytics offers webmasters a large suite of tools to measure and track site visits, users, conversions and other important metrics. As GA has risen to dominate the “free” analytics space, so have emerged many third-party products to extend and customize Google Analytics to offer more tailored functionality.

  1. Extend Google Analytics with JQuery:
    Modify the standard Google tracking code using the power of jQuery to get extra information from your Google Analytics reports. With jQuery, Google Analytics can track your file downloads and clicks to external sites without having to trawl through your code and write any extra mark up.
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  2. Dynamically update PowerPoint graphs with Google Analytics data:
    ShufflePoint Studio allows you to associate PowerPoint text, table, and chart placeholders with refreshable Google Analytics data. Use the provided slide templates to quickly create a presentation with your data. Define and format your data using the powerful ShufflePoint Analytics Query Language.
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  3. Explore Analytics Data with JuiceKit visualizations:
    Keyword visualization of

    Keyword visualization of

    Juice has been working on their own open-source visualization framework, JuiceKit, that integrates the goodness of Flare with Adobe Flex. The results allow site owners using Google Analytics to see their data in a completely different context.
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  4. Automate Analytics import into Excel Spreadsheets:
    GA Data Grabber is an advanced data visualization and analysis tool that eliminates manual data processing work and leads to significant time-savings. Used for quickly checking the latest figures, for automating regular KPI reporting, and for in-depth ad-hoc analysis. Works within MS Excel.
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