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The Reformation of an Anti-Advertising Writer

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For years I objected to advertising. I refused to consider it as a potential career path. I was young, idealistic – I knew better. I had no desire to sell Frank another pair of jeans or a razor whose sixth blade would surely slice skin. The industry was morally corrupt. It preyed on the weak-willed and intellectually inferior… and then my parents cut me off.

All of a sudden advertising looked pretty good. I was an all right writer. I’d published short stories in print and online to mediocre reviews and, let’s be honest, if the Internet didn’t rip me a new one, I must not have been half bad.

So, I decided that a copywriter was the thing to be. I tossed my morals aside, I mocked up a portfolio, and somehow I managed to get hired at Noise as the Copywriter Intern. With bated breath I readied myself to descend into the depths of moral abandon.

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