SXSW 2014; Shit Kickers and Shit Disturbers, pt.2:

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Walking around Austin you can see the spirit of rebellion and creativity all mashed up into cowboy-hipster contradictions – imagine skinny jeans and cowboy boots. It’s as if Portland was dropped into the middle of the Texan plain with artisanal boutiques and artists’ squats intermingled with bars and BBQ on every corner. Austin is a city full of amazing contradictions; liberal vs. conservative, art vs. commerce, and rural vs. urban. It’s run by a new type of creative class, built by a DIY ethos handed down by the cowboy ranchers who founded the city in 1839. In Austin, ‘weird’ is considered a badge of honour.

This is the city where Cody Wilson was born and raised. Wilson is the man responsible for creating a plastic handgun on a 3D printer. “What does it mean to have a 3D file that could be readily assembled by a machine into a firearm?” asked Wilson. A self-described ‘gun loving anarchist’ with a strong libertarian bent, Wilson spoke with the intellect of a poet and a scholar and made a very strong argument for why we should care about his right to 3D print guns. Read More

SXSW 2014; Shit Kickers and Shit Disturbers, pt.1:

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I first attended SXSW at the height of the mobile app frenzy. Twitter had just launched and quickly became the app to have at the conference. The rise of Twitter intensified the Venture Capital feeding frenzy at SX (tech people are too lazy to enunciate the SXSW moniker). I recall sitting in the lounge of the W hotel – a few blocks away from the Austin convention center – observing multiple offer sheets being negotiated between young men in t-shirts and those in custom tailored suits. After overhearing some of the valuations the VC’s were giving a 6 month old company, I remember wanting to start an APP company… ah, the good ol’ days!

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How to Improve Instagram #problemsolving #opinion #LISTENTOME!

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So, you like to snap pics and gather heaps of likes on your photos, eh? What’s that? You got a comment?! Way to go! Nice #hashtag strategy. You’re basically a professional photographer. Well, maybe not a professional… but

getting 17 people to double tap your photo is worth a fist bump and let’s be real here, we all love getting fist bumps!

With upwards of 150M users spending more than 257 minutes per month scrolling and double tapping their way into pixelated black holes where filters and #hashtags define personality, it’s safe to say that Instagram has won our hearts.

And why wouldn’t it? When you fire up “the gram” after hitting snooze 3 times and are greeted by an orange bubble displaying 13 likes and 1 new comment, you get a little rush.

It’s not all Insta-rushes, though. As a heavy user of the app, I’ve come across a few things that I would implement if I were new owner Marky Mark.
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