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SXSW 2014; Shit Kickers and Shit Disturbers, pt.2:

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Walking around Austin you can see the spirit of rebellion and creativity all mashed up into cowboy-hipster contradictions – imagine skinny jeans and cowboy boots. It’s as if Portland was dropped into the middle of the Texan plain with artisanal boutiques and artists’ squats intermingled with bars and BBQ on every corner. Austin is a city full of amazing contradictions; liberal vs. conservative, art vs. commerce, and rural vs. urban. It’s run by a new type of creative class, built by a DIY ethos handed down by the cowboy ranchers who founded the city in 1839. In Austin, ‘weird’ is considered a badge of honour.

This is the city where Cody Wilson was born and raised. Wilson is the man responsible for creating a plastic handgun on a 3D printer. “What does it mean to have a 3D file that could be readily assembled by a machine into a firearm?” asked Wilson. A self-described ‘gun loving anarchist’ with a strong libertarian bent, Wilson spoke with the intellect of a poet and a scholar and made a very strong argument for why we should care about his right to 3D print guns. Read More

FFWD Ad Week 2014: “Winning in a Mobile-First World”

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Ever since mobile has been introduced, there’s been a lengthy discussion in the marketing world as to whether it is the first or second screen in our consumer’s lives. The real question is, should we bother? Mobile is everywhere.

Last week, the annual FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week returned to Toronto with Facebook Canada’s panel of leaders from Frank & Oak, RBC Canada, and Mindshare Canada offering unique perspectives on the topic.


Frank & Oak – The online men’s clothing shop has found its consumers show different behavioral patterns desktop and mobile. On Desktop, shopping traffic is highest Monday, Thursday, Friday or when consumers are bored at work. Mobile results, on the other hand, peak on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – picking up particularly during lunch hours.

Royal Bank of Canada – 1/3 of active users from the largest financial institution in Canada interact with mobile for transactional services exclusively. For RBC, this is the most cost-effective channel for transactional services, right next to online-banking. And in case you missed it, RBC just set their customers up with the ability to send e-transfers through Facebook.

Mindshare – The global media company sees 70% of social media interactions happening on mobile devices, designed with mobile in mind first.

Key Takeaways
• With mobile devices always within reach, they are now being regarded as more important than laptops.
• It’s no longer enough to simply “catch up” with mobile. Those who succeed develop mobile-driven strategies.
• If you’re going to do mobile, do it well – otherwise it could affect the entire consumer experience.
• Brands need to leverage the multi-screen effect as an advantage rather than to fight it as an obstacle – spin the situation as a strategic element, for example incentivizing tweeting during a TV ad.

So where does this leave us? There are things that marketers have been comfortable with using and relied on in the past, and as such there will be hesitation to walk away from it. In the foreseeable future, however, one thing is almost certain – whether first or second screen – mobile will be the omnipresent screen.

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