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Best Practices for Performance-Driving Programmatic Display Media

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The IAB’s X-Series: Programmatic conference was held on June 3, 2014 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto to a sold-out crowd. The event hosted speakers from both buy and sell sides of the automated media trading industry, including a “state-of-the-nation” presentation by Randall Rothenberg, CEO of IAB US.

Two of the presentations are particularly relevant to the current and future state of Noise’s programmatic business. This post covers the first: Read More

How to Improve Instagram #problemsolving #opinion #LISTENTOME!

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So, you like to snap pics and gather heaps of likes on your photos, eh? What’s that? You got a comment?! Way to go! Nice #hashtag strategy. You’re basically a professional photographer. Well, maybe not a professional… but

getting 17 people to double tap your photo is worth a fist bump and let’s be real here, we all love getting fist bumps!

With upwards of 150M users spending more than 257 minutes per month scrolling and double tapping their way into pixelated black holes where filters and #hashtags define personality, it’s safe to say that Instagram has won our hearts.

And why wouldn’t it? When you fire up “the gram” after hitting snooze 3 times and are greeted by an orange bubble displaying 13 likes and 1 new comment, you get a little rush.

It’s not all Insta-rushes, though. As a heavy user of the app, I’ve come across a few things that I would implement if I were new owner Marky Mark.
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Back to the Basics: Display Advertising Part 1

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Terminology in the digital world can often be confusing. What one person understands to be one thing, someone else means to be another and thus problems are created. I have seen this cause a variety of problems with timelines and budgets and contracts. It also causes problems with client expectations and general campaign performance. If you don’t know how to set objectives and measure effectively, then you will never know the true success of your campaign. Read More

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