The IAB’s X-Series: Programmatic conference was held on June 3, 2014 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto to a sold-out crowd. The event hosted speakers from both buy and sell sides of the automated media trading industry, including a “state-of-the-nation” presentation by Randall Rothenberg, CEO of IAB US.

Two of the presentations are particularly relevant to the current and future state of Noise’s programmatic business. This post covers the first:

RocketFuel Media Study

Rocketfuel conducted a media study analyzing conversion performance across billions of display ad impressions.  Their findings can be used as a best-practice guide for display creative, especially when driving performance goals.

  • Use Animation: Ads with motion are more likely to catch the consumer’s eye and increase awareness & intent. Conversion rates for animated ads were up to 360% higher than static ads. Flash ads are still driving the majority of impressions but animated HTML 5 ads are quickly gaining ground and will eventually take over as the main animation format.
  • Show the Product in Use: Seeing the product in use or being worn makes it more tangible to the viewer. Purchase-driving creatives average 52% higher conversion rates when featuring images of products in use rather than the product image alone.
  • Use Red or White Backgrounds: The eye is naturally drawn to white space, so we typically see white among the top-performing BG colors for most categories.


  • Call-to-Actions:  “Start Here” “View [Product]” and “Learn More” were the top-performing call-to-actions. Be sure to always focus on the primary conversion metrics. A high CTR does not necessarily translate to a high conversion rate!blog-table1

While the above points all seem relatively trivial, the quantitative results are anything but. At the very least, keep these points in mind when designing creatives and keep striving for better performance through testing and optimization!

For a display media refresher, please see our post back-to-the-basics-display-advertising-part-1.


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