Winning the hearts of Canadians

Leo Vegas is one of the world’s premier online gaming brands. Since 2018, Noise has helped grow its footprint in a busy Canadian market with dozens of global and local competitors.


Leo Vegas - Mobile Gaming


Insights & Analysis, Marketing Strategy


Globally Leo Vegas is the #1 mobile first online gaming platform but in Canada it had little to no brand awareness. Our challenge was to acquire Canadian players and build trust with the Canadian player base.


We developed a fully integrated multi-channel campaign and media strategy to launch the brand into Canada. The campaign focused on acquisition, retention and repeat play.

3rd party data analysis & research summary

We synthesized key findings and models from a collection of academic and industry reports on gaming to help ground our custom analysis work.

Custom database analysis

Noise analyzed Leo Vegas’s 1st party customer data to identify groups and patterns relating to player behavior and characteristics.

In-depth 1 on 1 player research

We sat down with a smaller group of players to understand their experiences, motivations, and identities—with hopes of identifying themes we could use in messaging to drive player acquisition.

Audience definition and segmentation

We defined a new player segmentation framework aimed at making the LeoVegas brand resonate for three types of player groups.  

We developed four key messaging frameworks to guide creative, content, social and sponsorship activities :

  1. An overarching creative platform focused on making the brand a refreshing force in a busy life.
  2. An ad and content versioning guide to inform tailoring messaging to different player types.
  3. A player experience guide to inform messaging across different moments in the shopping and playing journey.
  4. A lifestyle affinity guide to inform content development, influencer partnerships and sponsorship guideline.

Roll-out / Go to market plans:

We helped our client craft activities across the calendar year to drive awareness, engagement, acquisition and repeat play.

Noise helped us understand our core gamer audiences, sharpen our messaging approach, and execute a ‘anti-one-size-fits-all’ 21st century marketing program.


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