So, you like to snap pics and gather heaps of likes on your photos, eh? What’s that? You got a comment?! Way to go! Nice #hashtag strategy. You’re basically a professional photographer. Well, maybe not a professional… but

getting 17 people to double tap your photo is worth a fist bump and let’s be real here, we all love getting fist bumps!

With upwards of 150M users spending more than 257 minutes per month scrolling and double tapping their way into pixelated black holes where filters and #hashtags define personality, it’s safe to say that Instagram has won our hearts.

And why wouldn’t it? When you fire up “the gram” after hitting snooze 3 times and are greeted by an orange bubble displaying 13 likes and 1 new comment, you get a little rush.

It’s not all Insta-rushes, though. As a heavy user of the app, I’ve come across a few things that I would implement if I were new owner Marky Mark.

#1- Being Able to Swap Between Multiple Accounts

For the average Instagrammer this won’t apply, but for those folks out there who require separate accounts for your self (@gsylvest), your cat (@petposterco), and your obsession with sandwiches (@sandwichlovers), the inability to switch between accounts can be infuriating. Beyond remembering multiple usernames and passwords, it takes FOUR taps to logout of each account! That’s several minutes wasted that could’ve been spent coming up with the next popular #hashtag… which leads me to my next point.

#2 – Suggestive #Hashtagging

Instagram sucks at knowing my inner #hashtag thoughts. Unlike Google, which knows EVERYTHING about what I’m going to type, when I start #hashtagging in Instagram, it gives me nothing but the same old, boring #hashtags that I’ve used for the past 91 weeks. No #doncheadle, no #loversinadangeroustime, no help whatsoever. Come on, Instagram. It’s time to start reading my mind.

#3 – Clickable URLs

Here’s a scenario: You come across a photo of a watch you like and will potentially purchase. You tap the URL in the description: nothing. You try holding your finger on it to highlight the text: nothing. Then you notice that the clever watch-poster has put the URL in the Location field. You click it. A map pops up and now you know where to find…. the original poster. You screenshot the map so that one day you can find the OP who deceived you and wasted your time. You no longer care about the watch and exit the app defeated… Need I say more?

Sure, these UX flaws suck BIG time but in the 3 short years I’ve used Instagram, I’ve received a whopping 1,039 comments, 38,873 likes, and 18,879 followers on a total of 827 photos, so I guess you could say that little Insta-rush is more than enough to overlook these simple UX flaws.

Time for a #selfie.



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