Credit Unions of British Columbia - Get Your Share platform

Credit Unions of British Columbia set themselves a lofty goal; as a category marketer, they wanted to get into the acquisition game. Their goal was 5,000 new member sign-ups in the first year. They asked us for an acquisition campaign to help reach that goal. Noise delivered a strategy and a customized digital marketing platform that delivered double their target.


Strategy, Media, Creative, Technology

The Brief

With an aging and shrinking customer base, the 151 member institutions that make up Credit Unions of British Columbia needed to attract younger members. They briefed Noise Digital to develop a break-through media campaign that would deliver 5,000 new member acquisitions.

Our Approach

Noise immediately set to work and launched a small media test. We quickly realized that the cost per acquisition (CPA) was too high to stay within the campaign budget. The test campaign also revealed substantial post-click drop off, which meant the sign-up mechanism being used by Credit Unions of BC was a huge barrier to hitting our targets.

To hit our goal of 5,000 new members, we would need to leverage data-driven insights to optimize both the media campaign and the sign-up mechanism.


The Solution

Shared data meant even the smallest credit union could compete with the big guys.
Trevor Carr, CEO @ Noise Digital

Using industry, stakeholder, and consumer research, Noise focused its attention on developing a cloud-based marketing platform and sign-up tool that would connect potential new members with the sales representatives at their preferred credit union.

To address the varied needs of Credit Unions of BC, the cloud-based sign-up platform allowed each of the 151 credit unions to independently activate their own campaigns. They were able to create their own landing pages, offers, and tailor their messaging to entice new members.

Noise then turned their unique messaging strategies into collective data strength; allowing each of the 151 independent credit unions to access the shared data sets and marketing intelligence gained from across the initiative. With the collective data in-hand, targeting and optimization could be improved for each separate credit union campaign.

With an improved sign-up platform in place, Noise created a media campaign that could speak to the benefits of credit union membership and drive membership at any of our participating credit unions. Our customer data revealed the insight that credit unions share their success with profit sharing, community involvement and reduced fees. We translated that insight into a compelling consumer call to action to “Get Your Share”.



10,000 new credit union members (and still counting)


50% drop in cost per acquisition