Data is at the heart of how we approach planning and strategy. Data acts as the voice of the consumer and unifies media with creative. It’s no longer good enough to pick the channel with the best-suited audience and hope for the best. We employ content strategy that links each channel to social media conversations and back to purchase.

Achieving your organization’s business objectives depends on identifying and navigating a complex media and business environment. noise leverages our clients first and second party data sets in order to drive real business results.

  • Data-driven insight generation
  • Social strategy
  • Consumer experience design
  • Content strategy
  • First and second party research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Campaign strategy
  • Discovery & stakeholder interviews
  • Communications planning
  • Success measurement frameworks


We have consulted with many technology providers to obtain a deep understanding of how 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data can be leveraged for distribution of personalized content and paid media to targeted audiences. We consult on the collection, storage, transfer, normalization and encryption of data, as well as data flow architecture and commercial data partnerships. All of this is done to help our clients action their data and leverage partner data to drive more effective marketing and media strategies.


We conduct discovery and audit phases to fact-find and understand the current digital ecosystems, available data sources, content and technology platforms already in use. Through this process we identify the core problems to be solved, create hypotheses to be tested, and find opportunities to create more efficient systems and workflows.


Media decisions are based on data-driven insights and KPIs. We use these insights to identify the lifetime value of customers, understand consumer journeys and paths to purchase, and create efficiencies to acquire leads and lower cost per acquisition.