Pinterest is an online scrapbook to collect and organize the things you love.  But what someone loves, takes many shapes and forms.  Pinterest can be used for the practical – like collecting decorating ideas for a dream wedding or a home renovation.   It can be used as a visual list, like for places you want to visit or books you want to read. Sometimes, purely for the visual joy of looking at pretty things which match; I’ve seen Pinboards categorized by colour – a collection of pink things, a collection of certain colour combinations which is currently in style.  Or, for products which can be purchased, Pinterest allows price tags to be overlayed.

Because of the broadness of Pinterest and the “things you love”, there are limitations in its usage.  For example, because of the nature of the items being pinned, Pinterest usage is highly skewed towards women. Or another limitation, when items are marked with a price, it isn’t clearly distinguished whether that product is available for purchase online or at a bricks and mortar store only. Nor can you filter pins by geographical region.

Here are three alternatives to Pinterest I’ve come across which addresses some of Pinterest’s limitations:

PINCHIT – Pinchit helps you discover the best new experiences through places in your city. You can use Pinchit to look up specific cities (San Franciso, Los Angeles, Vancouver, etc.) and visually see all the “pinches” in your city.  “Pinches” are all of brick and mortar shops/restaurants/places, which can then be tagged on a map.  From what I’ve seen, there are a lot of restaurants, markets, boutiques and festivals on Pinchit.


PICSITY – Picsity is all about “collecting” trendy products from around the web.  This is a great platform for retailers who sell their products online because there is directly a “buy” button from the product image.  I’ve also seen some tourism companies use this, where they share tropical images through their Picsity account, and the “buy” button links to the website where you can book the vacation package.


GENTLEMINT – This is the men’s version of Pinterest and “a place to find and share manly things”.  As you can see, the layout is geared more towards men with neutral and grey tones, a logo with a moustache.  Some of the items are stereotypically “manly” yet displayed in a modern, stylish photograph but on such masculine topics that it makes me laugh – knives on a clean white background, “how to shave the back of the neckline”, a cabin in the woods, cigars, the “refined hotdog”.

Do you use any alternatives to Pinterest? Let us know in the comments below!


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