Our Story

Noise is a digital media and marketing consultancy. We help brands harness and activate the power of their most valuable asset - their data. Founded in 1998 at the early stages of the digital marketing revolution, Noise has provided strategic advice, technology consulting, and agency services to brands across North America for more than twenty years.

We are a Certified Google Marketing Platform partner and a Certified Adobe Solution partner.

Our vision of the Future Data Economy

The New Data Economy

Brands must be a part of the new data economy.

One size doesn’t fit all

Consumer audiences are too complex and fragmented for one-size-fits all big ideas.

Connected solutions

Modern marketers need a direct sightline to their organization’s cash register.

The OS of Modern Marketing

The operating system of modern marketing has five components: audiences + data + moments + content + ad-tech.

Leadership Team

Trevor Carr

Trevor Carr

Founder / CEO

Trevor is our pioneering leader and a specialist in driving innovation in the field of Digital Marketing Data and Technology. He founded Noise in 1998 at the start of the digital revolution, after a few years cutting his teeth at a boutique agency in Los Angeles. His 23 years of experience leading Noise and servicing top tier clients like Toyota, Johnson and Johnson, Fererro, Unilever, Adidas, PlayStation and Nokia have given Trevor the experience to guide our clients through transformative marketing modernization with proven results.

Louise Simkin

Louise Simkin

Partner / Chief Strategy Officer

Louise leads our consulting, strategy and media planning practices, as well as heading up business development. She brings over 12 years of marketing experience and a diverse skill-set in marketing data, CRM, predictive analytics and communications planning. She has led data strategies for brands such as Air New Zealand, Westpac, Whirlpool, Destination British Columbia, the Jim Pattison Group, Campbell’s and Vodafone. Louise delivers exponential value for our clients through the design of our unique blend of strategic practices at Noise.

James Evans

James Evans

Director of Finance & Operations

James plays an integral role managing our operations, project management, HR and finance teams. Prior to Noise, his two decades of management experience includes running Criterion Entertainment, where as GM he headed up operations and finance for the premium theatre chain. He also spent 4 years at the boutique accounting firm Strategex Group, consulting with corporate, owner-manager and professional clients. He is dedicated to fostering a culture of positivity and inclusivity, and promoting service excellence, making James an invaluable part of the Noise team.

Rich McMullan

Rich McMullan

Director - platforms & analytics

Rich is our hands on data, analytics and ad-tech specialist, helping our clients harness the power of measurement and automation so critical to their digital marketing efforts. A 12 year veteran with Noise, he guides our clients through the selection, setup and implementation and maintenance of a diverse set of leading ad-tech tools and methods to help them understand and optimize the data and performance of their marketing and analytics programs. Rich is is certified across all Google platforms and has extensive experience working with a variety of ad-tech, analytics and measurement systems.

Hannah Poltawski

Hannah Poltawski

Director of Client Services

Hannah leads our client services team, responsible for overseeing the maintenance, delivery and growth of our Vancouver accounts. Working with clients across the UK, New York and Canada, Hannah brings over 12 years’ experience in strategic marketing and communications and has led complex B2B and B2C projects across multiple verticals. At Noise, Hannah’s partner-focused approach allows her team to broaden, develop and strengthen client relationships, ensuring satisfaction and added-value to our client needs and business goals.

Carly Schmidt

Carly Schmidt

Director of Media

Carly leads our media planning and execution teams, responsible for delivering performance driven media strategies for our clients. With her unique experience in platforms and technology, she ensures integration between strategy, media and analytics. Carly supports our clients in obtaining their business goals through omni-channel media strategies and identifying opportunities for collection and activation of data within their campaigns.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Noise digital we strive to play our part in the supporting the local community. We've completed significant pro-bono projects for the non-profits Vancouver Arts Umbrella and the Vancouver Public Library Foundation.

Inclusion and Diversity

We're dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity. Workforces that are diverse in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective are proven to drive more innovation and create a better and happier workplace.