While Google Analytics is by far the most widely used web and app Analytics platform, the majority of GA implementations are not fully optimized and often contain underlying data issues that can result in incorrect reporting. As GA is often used as the ‘source of truth’ and with GA reporting data often informing business-critical decisions around media optimization, website content strategy, etc., it is crucial that your analytics data can be trusted and effectively acted on.


Google Tag Manager/Google Analytics Audits 

  • comprehensive audit of your company’s Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts is performed, providing a prioritized recommendation of account optimizations and fixes needed to ensure your analytics and tagging data is being correctly captured and utilized.

Analytics Measurement Plan Design

  • A well designed measurement plan provides a framework to document the customized configuration of your analytics platform. This plan provides visibility into the analytics configuration to all relevant team members and is essential to ensure business KPIs are accurately tracked and measured, both internally and by your agency partners.

Data Layer Design

  • A data layer allows key data to be passed from your website or app into your tag manager for use in analytics, marketing and commerce applications. A well designed data layer will streamline the use of data between your analytics components, improve the accuracy of your data, reduce developer requirements and save time! 
  • Noise can assist in designing and implementing your data layer. We work with your stakeholders and developer team to define what data should be pushed to the data layer, how the data should be formatted, and how it will be used.

GA4 Migration Consulting

  • GA4 Properties are the new Property type launched by Google in 2020 and set to become the default Property type in the future. GA4 Properties are still in rollout and do not yet have the full feature set of GA Universal/360, but features are being added rapidly, including many new functions previously unavailable in Universal Analytics.
  • Google (and Noise!) strongly recommend our clients to implement GA4 in parallel to your existing Universal Analytics Property in order to begin collecting data under the new model. 
  • Noise can assist in your transition to GA4, including creation of a GA4-specific measurement strategy to guide your company moving forward.

Implementation / Management

GA/GA360 Implementation / Optimization

  • Noise has extensive experience implementing Google Analytics Universal, 360 and GA4 products for our clients. We utilize a comprehensive process to gather stakeholder requirements, build a measurement strategy, implement and validate the platform, and document the details. 
  • As a Google Marketing Platform sales partner, we are also experts in the integrations between Google Analytics and the Google Marketing Platform, Salesforce, BigQuery, etc.

Google Tag Manager Implementation

  • A robust tag manager implementation is crucial in order to manage the increasingly complex tagging requests asked of a webmaster. By implementing your GTM using industry best practices and a standardized, documented approach, you can maintain control of your tags and optimize your website performance.

Google Tag Manager Management

  • Noise provides fully managed GTM services to clients who want to take advantage of our team’s deep expertise in this area. We manage all tag deployment, testing and scheduling, letting your team focus on their business goals.

Google Cloud Platform Implementation

  • One of the most exciting Google Analytics integrations is its ability to export hit-level data to Google’s cloud-based data lake product “BigQuery” (GA-360 and GA4 Properties only). By exporting to BQ, we are able to leverage Google’s machine learning tools, enabling advanced analytics functions such as predictive analytics.
  • Data can be processed in BigQuery, then appended back to GA using Google’s “Measurement Protocol”
  • A Google Cloud account is required in order to begin utilizing BigQuery. Noise can assist in GCP account configuration, GA-360 export linking, advanced analytics applications, etc.

Advanced Analytics services

  • Noise provides a range of Advanced Analytic Services, including data modeling, machine learning implementation, advanced audience segmentation, Customer Lifetime Value calculation, automated reporting, ad hoc requests, etc.)


Google Analytics Training

Noise provides comprehensive group training sessions covering the following topics:

  • Analytics 101
  • Advanced Analytics
  • GA4 Overview
  • GA-360 Introduction
  • GA-360 Advanced
  • Google Marketing Platform Integration/Activation

Customized trainings can be created on request

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