Noise has developed a proprietary Campaign Management platform which directly solves many problems faced by digital marketers today. The Connect system is a full-service software platform that creates data-driven media campaigns, improving speed, efficiency and performance at scale.

Connect = Agency as a Platform

Core components of the Connect Platform include:

Media Planning

Executes fully customizable media plans unique to your business

Campaign Management

Automates the trafficking, creative and management of multi-faceted digital media campaigns.

Data Integration and Activation

Automatically ingest, cleans and combines marketing data together with over 500 marketing Platforms’ APIs, including the Google Marketing Platform and Facebook ecosystems.

Visualization and Reporting

Advanced reporting platforms to visualize all your marketing efforts, allowing you to manage your media in real-time.

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The Connect Platform allows you to stay ahead of your campaign by spending less time speculating and more time actually implementing useful changes to budget and spend throughout the entire campaign process.

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