Media Planning & Buying

Building off the insights our Strategy team uncover and the performance data of previous media activity, the role of our Media division is to create media strategies and plans to reach our clients goals and drive revenue. We think of our initial media strategies as well-informed sets of hypotheses that get put into market and tested in market. We take a data-driven, audience-based approach to media, with performance and advanced analytics at the heart of how we operate. The role of our media buying team is to execute these buys, learn from the data and performance of the campaigns and optimize them in real-time.

Planning & buying

Planning & Strategy

Media Buying

Building an appropriate strategy to your media plan ensures better chances of success. We audit your data and platforms, and create a path to purchase then look over the all the details in-between to create a media strategy that hits the KPI you are looking for. Once the plan is set, we handle the buying process and create real-time visualization dashboards so that we can ensure the success of the campaign.

Content & Data partnerships

Based on the outputs of the media strategy we look for opportunities for data partnerships that would supplement our clients’ first-party data sets. We also assess the content requirements of each media strategy and explore partnerships that might help scale strategy, content libraries or reduce production costs.

Team training and In-housing Capability

Internal team training to Drive Adoption

In-housing Capability

Ongoing Support

Today’s rapidly evolving marketing technology landscape can be complex to navigate. At Noise, we have invested in some of the brightest minds, trained on all major ad-tech platforms, networks and marketing technology. As more and more brands move to in-housing marketing technology, we support our clients in training their teams, supporting new hires and eventually helping them move capability in-house.

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