Insights & Strategy

Using a blend of data science and cultural research as our foundation, the role of our strategy division is to uncover powerful insights and ideas that transform the way that organizations think about their business. From there, we develop audience frameworks, creative messaging guides, go-to-market plans, and task briefs that set the stage for advanced data-driven marketing.

Data Analysis

We take a thorough approach to your data, we look into both your quantitative and qualitative data to learn more about your market and where we can gain valuable insights that can transform your business.

Audience Strategy

Profiling People, Cultures, & Influencers

Learning about your audience can redefine how you connect with them. We start by identifying and segmenting your users then begin to map out their journey with your brand. This helps showcase how your user interacts with your products and how we can build a better experience for your audience.


Creative & Content Frameworks

People are not static and homogenous – nor is our approach to ad creative and content design. We develop guidelines for making your brand resonate with multiple consumer segments, different moments along the shopping journey, and different phases in the longer term brand relationship.

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