The New Google Marketing Platform is here. And so are we.

The Google Marketing Platform is here! Google has consolidated the DoubleClick and Analytics 360 products into a single suite designed to create an experience that gives you more ownership over your data and, in turn, garners the marketing results you’re looking for. Noise Digital's dedicated Media team knows how best to utilize the new platforms, making it easier for you to see growth where you need it most. Whether you're looking for self serve Google Marketing Platform access, or a custom solution, we're here to help you every step of the way.

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Display & Video 360

Gone are the days of multiple programs leaving you piecing together data from a wide variety of different products. With Display and Video 360, media planning, creative development, measurement and optimization are all under one roof so you get deeper insights. And better results too.

Campaign Manager

The new Campaign Manager helps streamline your campaign management from planning to reporting and everything in between using simplified and easy to use technology.

Search Ads 360

Now you can manage search engine campaigns across multiple platforms, devices and media channels under a single platform. You get advanced, real time data and automated Google ad bidding so you're being served to the right people, every time.

About Noise Digital

Noise Digital is a Canadian-owned and operated Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, with decades of proven best-in-class service and hands-on expertise

We are experts at helping our clients implement Display and Video 360 and Search Ads 360 activity so they can maximize their presence and profits. We are a trusted partner with vast experience in executing strategic digital marketing, data analytics and attribution.

Noise provides licensing, hands-on training and support for all Google Marketing Platform products. If you're looking for consultation and implementation of insourced digital marketing, tech and data solutions, we are the people to talk to. We can't wait to help find the business solutions you're looking for using the Google Marketing Platform.

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