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Destination British Columbia is a government owned destination marketing organization who has been on a journey of rapid data transformation. If British Columbia is to be competitive in the intensely competitive Tourism Industry they need to market smarter and more efficiently than their more richly-funded competitors. This award-winning piece of work is about using data to power personalization across highly diversified audiences and product sets. This particular campaign was built on the back of a previous data consulting and foundations project that Noise partnered with DBC on.

For their flagship Global Ski Campaign, Noise was tasked with helping DBC :

  • Promote a diverse range of B.C. ski related experiences to different traveler types.
  • Drive quality leads to DBC’s network of co-op marketing partners.
  • Coordinate a diverse network of co-op marketing partners, in-house teams,
    and partner agencies via shared frameworks.


Our challenge was to promote all the amazing ski products that British Columbia has to the right audiences across the UK, Mexico, Australia, the US and Eastern Canada.


We took a data-driven, audience based approach to drive visitation by marketing a wide-range of messages to these global audiences. To illustrate the number of different segments and product variations there were, this included but was not limited to; Family Ski, Group Ski, Different Terrain, Experiences around Ski, City on the Edge of Nature and Snow Conditions messaging.


In order to incite a booking to British Columbia, we first plotted out all the moments that matter to a traveler along their path-to-purchase with the goal of understanding where we can influence the booking decision. The next task was to map the data signals a potential traveler may give off to signal they are at one of these moments. Destination BC has a rich set of content and the next task was to design a content sequencing program that could use this content to the best of its ability. We audited the content and then mapped it to the most relevant points in the Traveler Experience map. Using dynamic creative platforms, we created many different versions to match audience types at scale without huge production costs.

Building Intelligence and Proper Attribution

Part of the benefit of a data-fueled digital strategy is the learnings and insights that can be captured through the execution. In this instance the campaign was designed to not only perform to defined success measures but also to provide intelligence that would inform the 2020 strategy. Additionally, moving Destination BC from a last-touch attribution model to a data-driven model allowed us visibility into which platforms were contributing to our success measures and enabled us to make faster decisions.

Different pieces of content for different audiences

Harnessing data to create audiences for media

Once we had this core part of the strategy developed we then also identified core media audiences for targeting in each geographic market. We wanted the ability to segment users based on behaviour and interact with those groups differently. We then created a content sequencing strategy to ensure we interacted with audiences differently based on what pieces of content they engaged with.

This is among the best organized DCM attribution channel strategies that I have seen for a brand client. It is extremely well thought out and will result in Destination BC having the ability to make better strategic investment decisions in the future.


1.6 Million leads Generated for BC Travel Businesses

12,800 attributable on-site conversions

A 14% lift in ski visitation to British Columbia overall

Destination BC wins AMA's 2018 Canadian Marketer of the Year for effectiveness.

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