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First West Credit Union - Finance


Insights & Strategy, Performance Media

First West owns three credit union brands across British Columbia (Envision Financial, Valley First, and Island Savings). The organization’s portfolio of brands competes in a category that has evolved dramatically in the last ten years via technology and cultural innovations from a host of competitors.


With a budget a fraction of the size of the big banks, First West Credit Unions needed to be smarter with how their media dollar is spent. In order to be always-on we needed a highly targeted and performance driven approach to their media buy.


Noise analyzed customer data and uncovered cultural trends to help match the right content and product to the right audiences. Our integrated Strategy & Insights team worked hand in hand with our Media team to help co-create data-driven go-to-market plans.

Market sizing and Characteristics

We triangulated 1st party behavioral data, 3rd party digital behavioral data from Facebook, and self-report survey data to develop a full view of consumer behavior.

In-depth consumer research

To fill in the gaps in the big data, we connected with two distinct values-groups to understand their dreams, stresses, sense of identity, and relationship to their financial institution

Message testing

We’ve designed a series of experiments to test the appeal of different ways of framing the same product. These have been done via online surveys and live A/B testing.

Competitive & culture landscape reviews

On-going analysis of consumer trends and competitor activity to identify strategic opportunities.

Audience segmentation & definition

We helped develop a segmentation model that focused on a blend of financial, demographic, and lifestyle attributes.

Product design & naming

We provide on-going guidance on product development and branding to be able to create points of differentiation in a market with a lot parity. We developed messaging frameworks for to guide advertising, content development, and content partnerships. This included

  • Ad creative platform development
  • Ad versioning frameworks for connecting the same products and services to different audience groups.
  • Moments guidelines: Developing content for different moments in life and in the shopping journey
  • Lifestyle passion guides to inform publisher partnerships and influencer selection

Go-to-market program design

Helping craft the cadence of activities over a calendar year, the mix of advertising, content and events, the number of creative refreshes, the use of behavioral data to target, test, and learn; and the strategic allocation of budgets.

We compete against global conglomerates that have 10X our budgets, as well as Fintechs that can focus their entire budget on one product offering. For us, the only path to success in digital advertising is to be as human-centered and data driven as possible. Whether it’s helping us live test different creative approaches across consumer groups or exploring the ideals & financial anxieties of British Columbians—Noise helps our three great brands get closer to our audiences and continuously set higher ROM benchmarks.


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