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Jim Pattison Group - Multi-Industry


Data Consulting, Data Strategy, Marketing Tech

One of Canada’s largest private holding companies, the Jim Pattison Group operates over 300 companies, spanning 30 different business divisions and 10 major industry verticals. This diversification has been a major component of the company’s success but also held a unique opportunity to find a way to create synergies and efficiencies across the global network. Noise partnered with the Jim Pattison Group to harness the power of the networks combined first party data. The solution led to the creation of a new entity, Pattison GO — an industry leader in data, media and corporate trading.



Identifying Opportunity & Creating Value, Marketing Technology Implementation, Onboarding & Activation, In-housing, Adoption and Building Capability

Identifying Opportunity & Creating Value

We identified the opportunities and potential that existed across the group to create efficiency and to provide incremental revenue growth. Auditing and analyzing the broad range of data sources available across consumer brands allowed us to prioritize use cases per industry vertical and capture the potential of leveraging Pattison’s big data.

Marketing Technology Implementation

To unify the extensive data available both inside and outside the group we created a cloud-based Pattison owned data ecosystem. Our team of consultants, data scientists and analytics specialists created an environment that would support the scale needed by such a large corporation and multiple companies.

Onboarding & Activation

Prioritizing consumer brands first, we helped Pattison GO to onboard their brands one by one. Creating a roadmap that allowed for rapid templated integration and onboarding. The first companies onboarded, were able to activate media and marketing campaigns using powerful first-party data sets within 6-months.

In-housing, Adoption and Building Capability

We believe our clients should own their own data and data ecosystems. For this reason we ensured that Pattison GO employees were trained on the tools and platforms in their ecosystem, allowing them to iteratively take over their own activation. We made sure the right data governance strategy was in place, offered fully managed services and then built capability into the internal Pattison team with the goal to hand over management gradually in line with need-states and an appropriate cadence of hiring talent.


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