Traditional to Audience-Led Planning in 3 months




Testing Framework, Audience led Planning, Data Transformation, Media strategy, Campaign set up, Management and Optimization, Real-time Reporting

Founded in 1975, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is a Crown Corporation owned by the Government of Ontario, responsible for the province’s lotteries and casinos, both online and offline. Their mission is to generate revenue for the province, generate economic development and promote responsible gaming.


With grey market competitors given the green light to operate in the province, Ontario Lottery Group was looking for a media partner that could help them advance their marketing technology, better target their core consumer segments and develop a performance marketing campaign designed to drive acquisition.


Over a 3 month pilot, Noise established an OLG-owned infrastructure which enabled them to collaborate with multiple partners, while retaining ownership of their data and platforms. In addition to implementing the required infrastructure, Noise shifted their traditional planning tactics to a data-driven solution which included a testing framework, audience-led planning, establishing a sophisticated data ecosystem and message sequencing with personalized offers.

Improve efficiency & reduce wastage and cost

The introduction of automated media technologies decreases duplication and optimizes towards performance, ultimately producing higher efficiency per dollar spent and a pool of qualified, interested leads.

Shift to data-driven planning

With efficient acquisition the goal, live-monitoring the products and platforms in our dashboard driving performance allows for a more fluid planning process than traditional media, where dollars can be re-allocated to amplify what’s working.

Increase impression share

Increasing search presence intersects those actively looking for gaming information online, particularly grey market players, thereby increasing share and ownership of the online gaming market.

Create an OLG-owned marketing platform

Implementing an OLG-owned marketing platform renders the brand the owner of all campaign data, versus the agency, which can then be easily shared with future agency partners for full historical context.

Integrate media planning

A 360 degree player strategy, as well as a holistic view of all other media activity, gives us better insight into target attributes beyond demographics and products - the more information we know, the more efficient we are in achieving acquisitions.


71% decrease in CPR over 12 weeks

Registration volumes exceeded targets by 65%

ROAS of 2.8x with 1.2 million tickets purchased in 12 weeks

ROAS of 4.21x for search, with an overall CTR of 28.91%

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