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Vega is a leading plant-based nutrition brand that puts functional and real food ingredients first. Vega offers specialized sports nutrition and premium supplements for active lifestyles and performance. Noise has helped transform Vegas’ paid media strategy for full funnel optimization and refined their market setup. With the global sports nutrition market growing close to 10 per cent every year, Noise has implemented a data driven approach to online sales and consideration to capitalize on this growth.


The sports nutrition market is growing considerably every year and Vega needed to optimize their strategy so they can capitalize on the market growth.


We implemented a layered data strategy that supports Vega's ongoing promotions and product launches. This has driven up awareness, engagement, acquisition and repeat play.


Noise analyzed Vegas’ existing strategy by channel, format, and tactics to identify areas of the customer journey to strengthen and to support the wider Vega marketing objectives.

Attribution & Data analysis

We identified the need to refine Vega’s North American accounts to entail greater measurement, reporting accuracy, and media efficiency. To meet consideration objectives as well as conversions, Noise identified the need for a data attribution model and capability for Vega to capture, store, organize, and activate data to drive business results.

Platform Analysis

Noise identified that the existing platforms being utilized were focused only on low funnel remarketing tactics. To generate success at all stages of the marketing funnel, more contextual programmatic platforms were introduced, along with richer ad formats and an enhanced SEM approach.

Marketing Strategy

Direct response segmentation: Noise focused on customer acquisition and not only retargeting. We introduced a new prospecting strategy to drive online sales by first identifying potential prospects and then guiding them through to purchase. By understanding the value of different audience touch points, channels, and formats, Noise was able to enhance Vegas’ paid media strategy to maximize ROAS and drive customer acquisition.

Noise and Vega developed three key factors to drive business results:

  • Data driven targeting and refinement to always on activity, promotions & sales, and organic boosts.
  • A structured campaign framework to synthesize phases, objectives, platforms, and audiences per market.
  • Real-time reporting dashboard to power actionable insights for ongoing campaign activity.

Roll-out / Go to market plans:

The strategy is executed across the calendar year and layered to support promotions and product launches during key moments and seasonal opportunities. We continue to help Vega refine and execute to drive awareness, engagement, acquisition and repeat play.


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