Rapid Digital Transformation


Whirlpool - Home Appliances + Retail


Discovery & Data Audit, Segmentation Strategy, Media Strategy

Noise was selected as a consultant to lead Whirlpool’s digital transformation, creating a direct to consumer model founded on first-party data acquisition and always-on media strategy. Whirlpool had two core business challenges: They were in 85% of homes but only had a small percentage of customers in owned databases. They had very little owned data, because their strong retailer network had historically been capturing all customer data. They had to find a way to get this direct relationship back in their own  hands.


After years of having their retailer network controlling Whirlpool's customer data, Noise was tasked to reconnect Whirlpool with their customers and regain control of their data.


We created a streamlined data ecosystem that allowed Whirlpool to connect and unify online and offline data sources to be used efficiently for customer segmentation, media and personalization strategies. This resulted in surpassing their customer acquisition benchmark by 400%.

Customer Experience Mapping

We started the engagement with a series of workshops designed to define the optimal customer experience and map the most valuable paths to purchase. These exercises ensure solutions focus on the areas that make the greatest impact on the business and the customer.


Stakeholder interviews were conducted with representatives from each business unit to understand business priority and create alignment across the organization.

Landing page activation

Data Audit

A data and infrastructure audit was conducted, mapping and recording where all customer data was being collected; how it was being stored and activated. This included mapping data sources like call centre data, consumer app data, website data, point of sale data and digital media data.

Marketing Technology Recommendation

After the audit, a Gap Analysis was done, designed to assess the current digital ecosystem’s ability to deliver to our most valuable paths to purchase and optimal customer experience. This gap analysis allowed us to make a digital ecosystem recommendation that led to an implementation of a Data Management Platform. The DMP allowed Whirlpool to connect and unify online and offline data sources, including CRM and mobile app data. With this data unified, it could now be used in customer segmentation, media and personalization strategies.


Digital media and marketing strategies were designed to help Whirlpool achieve a direct to consumer relationship by acquiring as much first-party data as possible. Leveraging Whirlpool’s new data ecosystem, Noise provided media services to deliver to data and customer acquisition goals as well as provided analytics to optimize paths to purchase segment audiences, improve customer experience and increase revenue opportunities.


Successful implementation of a Data Management Platform and Supporting Analytics Framework

Successful creation of the first audience segments for Whirlpool media activation

Set up and execution of a testing framework

Surpassed customer acquisition benchmark by over 400%

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