Consumer experience and engagement play a pivotal role in advertising. As the line between communication and utility continues to blur, brands increasingly seek a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their customers.

Noise’s media team is completely integrated with our strategy, technology and creative departments. We look at the complete picture involved in a given challenge and make media recommendations that sync with the greater strategy.

  • Programmatic media planning & buying
  • Social media outreach
  • DMP management and integration
  • Attribution frameworks
  • Audience segmentation
  • Market segmentation
  • Ad serving & trafficking
  • Analytics reporting
  • Traditional media planning & buying
  • SEO & SEM
  • Social media community management & monitoring
  • Reporting dashboard development




We help clients identify their core audience, understand their behaviours and media habits, and engage them through relevant content. Our media plans are dedicated to finding the right audience at the right time across any channel using a tactfully curated portfolio of marketing platforms.


Over the last 7 years, we have reviewed and trialled numerous demand side media platforms. Because we are agnostic in terms of vendors, we constantly assess DSPs for performance on behalf of our clients. Working with a range of different DSPs allow us to deliver programmatic media across desktop, social, mobile, OOH, audio, video, native and TV.

As a partner of Google, we employ certified specialists with expert knowledge of using their full media stack from Studio (creative production) to DCM (campaign management) to GA (reporting and attribution).


We have experience designing and implementing dynamic creative strategies that allow for content to be produced at scale to deliver unique messaging to the various audience segments defined within the DMP. We leverage tools that can ingest external data feeds and creative assets to serve dynamic content and ads.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has been a core competency at Noise for almost 15 years. Today we pair our search campaigns with software providers that enhance performance even further, through additional layers of reporting and visibility into performance, as well as key word discovery.


We use a range of social platforms and insight tools to monitor social activity and trends based on location, generate consumer insights, and inform content targeting. Working closely with social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat etc. our experience in this area goes back to the ‘Social Stone Age’ where we were set up come of the first corporate social pages and strategies for our clients.


Noise is a leader in both producing native content and driving traffic to that content. We use programmatic tools to distribute native content and drive traffic to that content using native ad placements.


We only use platforms that filter for fraud and viewability, and we are completely transparent on how third party data is sourced. We go a step further by leveraging independent validation solutions. We use industry leading tools to ensure the highest quality inventory and maximum viewability, while maintaining cost efficiency.