Today’s data driven advertising solutions are more complex than traditional one-way brand communications. Digital experiences and applications require talented individuals who understand how consumers use and interact with technology.

From our perspective if you fail to understand technology you will fail to understand your customer.

  • Data normalization and onboarding
  • VR/AR
  • DMP set-up and integration
  • Mobile App design and development
  • DAM (Digital Asset Management) set-up
  • Predictive analytics development
  • HTML5
  • Contest platform development
  • .NET
  • API/Platform development
  • PHP
  • Database schematics
  • Python


Data warehouses were originally used to consolidate and normalize large amounts of data locally. Today, most of these warehouses have been transformed into cloud-based solutions that provide cost efficiency, scalability, and optimal data security and accessibility.

For these reasons we leverage a cloud-based server solution to store anonymized data and channel it into a data management platform as needed. This allows us to scale infinitely and support low fees for data flows and transfers.


We analyze client requirements and use data management solutions to create dynamic audience segmentation strategies that feed our media buying platforms with real-time targeting data. We partner with the world’s leading and largest DMPs which provide thought leadership on data collection, management, and activation.