Destination BC partners with Noise Digital to develop Machine Learning predicting future travel behaviour.

November 6, 2020

Working with Noise Digital, Destination BC has developed an industry leading co-operative Tourism Data Hub that enables a collaborative, digitally-savvy, insight-driven tourism network across the province. This data hub will be a key competitive advantage as BC’s tourism industry emerges from Covid-19. A key mandate for the provincial tourism organisation is to enable data driven insights and technology at scale to help BC’s tourism industry compete at a global level, and cope with dynamic events such as Covid-19, wildfires and other challenges.  

Destination BC and Noise Digital are showing how innovative organizations can deploy Google’s advanced technologies to drive deep insights and flexible efficiency in the public sector. We’re incredibly proud to be their partner in transforming and powering the future of British Columbia’s vital tourism industry.
Jon Bromstein | Head of Industry, Government & Tourism
Google Canada

Noise Digital’s challenge was to deliver advanced analytics for BC’s tourism industry through a custom Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence model that could process billions of data points in real time.  Leveraging the Google Marketing Platform in conjunction with Google Cloud, Noise developed a proprietary model for Destination BC, a  Machine Learning model that would analyze tourism data in order to detect and ‘predict’ future events such as intent to travel.  

“Our ability to augment the Tourism Data Hub’s existing technology stack with advanced Machine Learning models will add a tremendous amount of value to our partners” said Maya Lange, vice president of global marketing at Destination BC. “Our ability to harness the power of data will give BC’s tourism industry the predictive insights it needs to grow and thrive in these challenging times”. 

The Noise analytics team was able to customize the Google Feature Importance data pill to factor in GA360 analytics ‘Custom Channel Groups’, Noise was able to include these analytics Custom Channel Grouping data as feature sets in the ML algorithm via a real time automated process into Google Cloud’s BigQuery for processing and analysis.  

The output of the model will also be used to provide richer predictive insights into website users, create custom audiences for activation across the Google Marketing Platform based on Feature Importance ranking, and inform media planning using the rankings of paid media channels toward particular conversion events.

“As the BC tourism industry continues to evolve and adapt in an extremely challenging environment, said Trevor Carr CEO Noise Digital, “their collective ability to leverage advanced analytics and cloud technologies will be critical in using data to plan and assess future opportunity and risk”. 

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