Noise Digital Announces Shopify Plus Partnership

September 28, 2021

Noise Digital has added another significant technology partnership by officially becoming a Shopify Plus partner in 2021, further extending Noise’s advanced analytics capabilities into the e-commerce space.

The Shopify Plus Partner Program supports Shopify merchants by building world-class services and solutions needed to scale their businesses. The program is available for Shopify Partners who demonstrate a level of product quality, service, performance, privacy, and support that meets the advanced requirements of Shopify Plus merchants.

Along with their Google Marketing Platform certification, Noise is investing resources to allow for traditional marketers to enter the e-commerce space by integrating advanced Shopify analytics into direct-to-consumer and business to business paid marketing programs. This will allow for customers to optimize their e-commerce experience by linking paid programmatic initiatives direct to consumer experience within the Shopify Plus platform.

“This is a big day for Noise and a long time coming,” said Trevor Carr, CEO and Founder of Noise Digital. “Our agency has continued to evolve as a premier option for companies looking to harness the power of their customer data in order to drive impact and maximize return on advertising spend (ROAS). We are thrilled to help our roster of global and North American clients optimize their Shopify Plus experiences.”

About Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus makes commerce simple for high growth, high volume merchants. Built on the back of the Shopify platform, which powers over 275,000 merchants in over 150 countries, Shopify Plus gives large merchants world-class scalability, reliability and flexibility. With Shopify Plus, large merchants can design, set up and manage their stores across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, social media, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops. Shopify Plus helps power the commerce needs of companies like Tesla, RedBull, P&G, GE, RadioShack, Nestle, Kanye West, and many more.

About Noise

Noise Digital, Inc. is a digital media and marketing consultancy. We help brands harness and activate the power of their most valuable asset - their data. Founded in 1998 at the early stages of the digital marketing revolution, Noise has provided strategic advice, technology consulting, and agency services to brands across North America and globally for more than twenty years. A believer that brands should own their own data and their own technology, Noise is an expert in programmatic media buying, advanced analytics, CRM, and cloud technology that we use to drive high performance marketing for our clients. Noise is a Certified Google Marketing Platform partner, a Certified Adobe Solution partner and now a Certified Shopify Plus partner.