Destination British Columbia - Journeys Campaign Strategy

Armed with jaw-dropping content created in partnership with Google and Destination BC, Noise Digital created content and media strategies to identify and push potential travellers to book travel to British Columbia.


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The Brief

Are helicopter shots of jagged mountain peaks, towering pines, and pristine waters enough to catch the attention of travelers in a digital world? With millions of pieces of tourism content at travelers’ fingertips, how does a tourism marketer like Destination BC create the emotional connection and urgency to book a visit to British Columbia over competing destinations?

Our Approach


To bring the wilderness of BC to the world, Destination BC sent a team of ‘trekkers’ using Google StreetView technology to map and capture 360˚ photography of over 1500 kilometers of 173 of BCs most iconic trails. The content joined similar content from the Great Wall of China and the Grand Canyon on the Google StreetView platform.

Film crews and photographers also captured the unique and compelling stories of the local residents at each location, allowing them to tell an authentic story of culture and place. The next step was finding a way to share this content with potential travellers.

In a series of collaborative workshops using Noise’s understanding of data strategy and Destination BC’s deep understanding of their target travelers, we created a traveler experience map. It identified key moments and the associated data signals created while travelers choose a holiday destination; revealing what motivated them to do so.

The traveler experience map became the core of our content, media and data strategy.

It’s rare you get to work such amazing content, it made our quest for the right media strategy even move imperative.
Louise Simkin, Director of Strategy & Integration @ Noise Digital

The Solution


The integrated strategy and media teams at Noise worked together to take the insights and direction from the traveller experience map to identify highly focused target audiences. We looked at previous campaigns to see who was most likely to engage, then we married look-a-like date with Prizm and third-party data to find more potential travellers who would respond positively to our content.

To take full advantage of Destination BC’s breakthrough content, we designed a content strategy with custom sequencing tailored for each audience and their position on the traveler experience map. We identified data signals indicating where each potential traveler was on the traveler experience map, and served up the right content, with the right message, at the right time to move them to the next milestone on the way to making a booking to BC.

Finally, a success measurement framework was co-designed with Destination BC including a weighted scoring system to give a clear measure of campaign health. Our custom tagging strategy ensured all Destination BC’s core partner sites were tagged, so we could track travelers right through to booking. Weekly status meetings ensured learnings were incorporated into the campaign, giving us the opportunities to optimize media, tweak messaging, creative and audience targeting in real-time.

Results coming soon.