Campbell’s Goldfish - Flavour Blasted Campaign

We were tasked by Campbell’s to develop content that would encourage tweens to try their new, BIG flavour product; Goldfish Flavour Blasted. We created 30 and 60 second in-cinema spots that did exactly that.




Strategy, Creative

The Brief

There’s a gap in Goldfish-love right around the pre-teen and teenage years. It seems that, in the eyes of tweens, everyday Goldfish crackers are, well, a little childish.

Designed to appeal to our newly self-aware targets with BIG, epic flavour, enter Goldfish Flavour Blasted Crackers. But what, exactly, does it mean to be flavour blasted? And how do we get our targets excited for these cool new crackers while appealing to our targets parents, while ALSO paying special attention to Canada’s rules around advertising to people under the age of 13. Ka… Boom?

Our Approach

T-minus 4
Not being tweens, we got researching. We looked at what kind of content tweens were consuming, how they were consuming it and what kind of learnings we could incorporate into our final execution.

T-minus 3
We then exploded out of the blocks with literally hundreds of ideas, all designed to define flavour blasting and appeal to our targets. From augmented-reality mobile games where your phone became a blaster, to Zero-G plane rides captured in 360˚, to a handheld, physical flavour blaster, we covered it all.

We asked ourselves and anyone who would listen to us; How’s this blasting happening? What does it look like? What’s the biggest block of cheese we can get? Can we really build a robot shark with rocket-powered nacho teeth? Serious. Business.


T-minus 2
We were heading in the right direction, though, right? Well, It was time for some validation. We rounded up groups of tweens and gave them a peek at the scientific shenanigans we’d conjured up. The results were explosive; in a really good way.

T-minus 1
Ground control to Noise Digital. It was time to refine. We screened our ideas, we evaluated their explosive yield, then presented them to Campbell’s.


The Solution

Goldfish Flavour Blasted… They’re a tiny bit… EPIC!

Blastoff. The concept has cleared the tower. We were answering the important question; How do they get so much awesome flavour onto such a tiny cracker? They BLAST it!

Our concept brought our target’s wildest dreams to life, giving them and their parents a behind-the-scenes, ‘inside look’ at how each and every Goldfish Flavour Blasted cracker gets epically blasted with real flavour. It was so big and so explosive, the only place for it was on the big screen.

To shoot this idea, we were going to need a warehouse. A big one. Over the course of two full days, along with our friends at the Boldly Film Production Company, we shot spots for two deliciously-volatile flavours of Campbell’s Goldfish Flavour Blasted; Kick It Up A Nacho and Xtreme Cheddar.

We stood in awe as we obliterated a huge wedge of cheddar cheese with the help of a rocket-powered-hammer-wielding strongman and were front-row for a heavy-metal Nacho cheese rock concert.

When the cheese and nacho debris had cleared, we had two epic :60 second and :30 second spots that were then blasted onto the big screen in cinemas all over Canada before movies we knew our targets and their parents would be seeing.

It was, you guessed it,




Top 5 all-time highest performing Cineplex ad


86% brand recall


23% higher purchase intent than industry average


48% of viewers said they’d ask Mom for Goldfish Flavour Blasted