Nutella - Spife '17

In 2015, Noise Digital created the Nutella Spife; half spoon, half knife, full-on amazing. Despite already being at the point of market saturation, Nutella sales naturally soared.

Fast forward 24 months, and Noise was tasked once again, to help steer the Nutella Spife’s third return to grocery store shelves. We spooned, spread and whipped up the Iron Chef-inspired Nutella Breakfast Challenge to reignite demand for the Spife.


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The Brief

When Noise Digital invented the Nutella Spife in 2015, the brand had reached a saturation point in the Canadian market. Noise introduced the half-spoon, half-knife kitchen utensil to promote the versatility of Nutella and increase purchase frequency. It quickly spooned and spread its way to became one of Nutella’s most successful promotional campaigns of all time. Naturally, Nutella brought the Spife back in 2016 and again in 2017. After two years in market, the challenge for Noise Digital was to make the 2017 return the most successful yet.

Our Approach

We looked at the results and data from previous campaigns to see where the Spife program was succeeding and where it could be tweaked to drive efficiency. We saw a decline in on-site engagement in favour of engagement in our social channels. Recipe content was important for reach, but we saw a downward trend in content engagement.

This pointed the way to a robust distributed content strategy, with a focus on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We’d fill those channels with delicious morsels of breakfast fun with the Spife, while supporting that content with a targeted media budget.

The Solution

The Nutella Spife has proven just as versatile and successful as the Nutella that inspired it.
Brian Krenzer, Creative Director @ Noise Digital

Inspiration for our content strategy came from the TV-classic; Iron-Chef. Why not put two moms against each other; tackling common breakfast challenges using either the spoon or knife end of the spife to get the job done?

We called our series the Nutella Breakfast Challenge and enlisted Canadian celebrity chef Stefano Faita as host. In the space of a single day, we created a mountain of content for both our French and English speaking audiences.

Three-minute episodes, 15 second trailers, still photography, boomerang videos and animated GIFs were pushed out in waves over the course of the campaign. We refined our targeting based on the results from two previous years and identified look-a-like audiences to reach out to. Once again, we leveraged data from mobile couponing partner, Checkout 51, to deliver personalized content and promotional messages to our target when they were in-store or were planning a shopping trip.

Breakfast’s never been so successful.



150,000 total Spifes given away


60% drop in cost per acquisition year over year